"Everything you see has its roots in the unseen world. The forms may change, yet the essence remains the same."

- Rumi

Throughout human history we have taken trance journeys into the unseen world to gain knowledge, overcome obstacles, heal, and fulfil our life purpose. 


Drumming at specific frequencies with accompanying ritual and visualisations is perhaps the most common and accessible way of entering this realm of consciousness. 


Anyone can enter the trance vision state with proper setup and guidance. 

Through this unique method of Shamanic journeying we can:


  • Provide healing and inspiration needed to enter a new phase in life


  • Uncover and nullify previously hidden blocks to personal development


  • Explore and integrate astrological influences from the time of one’s birth, the present moment, or some time in the future

Before the Journey we engage in simple stretching and breathing techniques aimed at opening up the physical channels related to the specific energies that we are about to experience.

During the Journey I will guide you through your vision to explore the concepts and imagery presented. If necessary we delve deeper into the imagery to discover it's relationship to your current life, past, and intentions for the future. 

After the Journey we integrate those energies by returning to the still and deep source of consciousness, exiting the vision renewed and fully aware. 

Finally, we relax and discuss the Journey, decoding the imagery to determine how it relates to your original intention, and how to embody the lessons learned. 

The entire process takes place in a safe, structured environment created in the comfort of your hotel or villa. 


The Journey process takes approximately two hours and can be performed with one to three people. 


Client contribution for the Journey is IDR 750k and an open, relaxed mind. Please do not enter the journey on an overly empty or full stomach, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Journeys may start between the hours of 6-10pm, Monday-Thursday, in the Ubud area. 

Stay Aware

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