Meditation doesn't have to be hard, nor is it always easy.

The Modern mindfulness movement generally teaches simple non religious techniques of meditation, drawn from Vippasana and other traditional systems.


Even  a light, 10 minuet per day mindfulness practice has been shown to have dramatic effects on well being, happiness and personal productivity….. case studies….


Our unique approach distills the basic structure of traaditional meditation practices into XX main components; awareness of the body, awareness of the mind, awarneness of a concept or object, unification of the subject and object, and non object non subject (non dual) awareness.


Through our research and practice we then break down hundreds of traditional methodologies into eas to learn components which can be recombined and focused on according to the needs of the client. These practices can then be undertaken in a number of postures such as sitting, standing, walking, simple stretching, or throughout the day. 


We teach regular mindfulness classes and workshops in Bali and provide custom, on on one or group instruction as well.

Stay Aware

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