200 Hour Balinese Healing Yoga Teacher Training

We organize teacher trainings for Markandeya Yoga, Certified by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Indonesia

Training is either 1-1 or in small classes (less than 5 students), and take place year-round in Ubud, Bali.


All training is supervised directly by Guru Made Sumantra: Balinese Priest, traditional healer, and founder of Markandeya Yoga. 


Markandeya Yoga is a holistic system which improves physical health and flexibility, clears the energy lines (meridians) of the body, balances and supports the chakras and spine, connects the practitioner to the greater energies of nature, heals the internal organs and other major systems, and supports accelerated spiritual development. 

You Will Learn:

Asanas and variations for all Markandeya Yoga series


Pranayama: Breathing methods to clear the energy lines within the body. 


Surya Yoga, Candra Yoga, Lintang Yoga: Asana and meditations to access and move the energy of the sun, moon, and stars for healing, increased well being, focus and spiritual development.  


Chakra Yoga: flowing and held asana and meditations to balance and heal the chakras.


Prana Yoga: Methods for boosting the circulation of energy within the body using asana, meditation, and mantra.


Kundalini Yoga: Methods to raise energy along the central channel of the spine, and heal the glandular and endocrine system. 


Inner Organ Therapy: Utilizing and previously learned methods to heal and support the major organs. 

200 HR Yoga Teacher Training requires 4 weeks in Ubud, Bali, and an investment of IDR 28 million (USD 2,022). Payable in person direct to Markandeya Yoga. 

I met Guru Made Sumantra when I signed up for my own Yoga Teacher Training here in Ubud. What convinced me initially was the smile and charm of both the guru and his assistant teacher, Trimutri. Their openness and friendly relaxed attitude embodied what I wanted to achieve and pass on to others in my own yoga practice, as well as the spirit of this island that has kept me happily living here for the past 12 years. 


The next surprise was the yoga itself. In the Markandeya system, yoga asana is inseparable from meditation and healing. Each pose focuses on interacting with a different chakra, healing a specific part of the body, or building up natural energy from the environment. Different types of energies are used, radiating from the Sun, Moon, or Stars. Through this system a healing science is revealed, tying in energy lines, physical anatomy, visualisations, the chakras, internal organs, and traditional Balinese philosophy. 


As the true beauty of the system was revealed to me, I was hooked. 


The effect of this yoga is powerful and immediate, and after completing my I training I wanted to help bring its potential to more people. Now I help organize teacher trainings every month as I further my own study in this vast system, which is not available anywhere else in the world. 

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